Britain’s Greatest National Treasures

Client: Denhams for ITV

Role: Titles and Graphics


Sir Trevor McDonald and Julia Bradbury countdown and celebrate our top 20 favourite national treasures in Britain, from iconic buildings and ancient monuments to breathtaking natural coastal and countryside wonders and awe-inspiring feats of engineering.

I created 20 graphics sequences featuring the name, countdown position and map-location of each site. The graphics were integrated with live footage in a variety of playful and surprising ways, often using camera tracking, making the text appear to ‘float’ near the landmark as the camera moves around.

Development Work:

In early development work I played with the idea of turning live action footage into ‘posters’ reminiscent of the iconic vintage railway posters which celebrated Britain’s landmarks and landscape. The final graphics for the programme became a sort of 21st century version of these.


Great Western Railway poster, c.1930s. Artwork by Leonard Squirrell.