Politics.co.uk – Opinion Formers


Senate Media, for their politics website, politics.co.uk.

Role: Design and Animation of ‘Opinion Former’ videos

Politics.co.uk is the UK’s leading impartial politics website, read by MPs, journalists and members of the public.
Opinion Former videos are created on behalf of organisations that use Politics.co.uk as a platform to communicate with their (and Politics.co.uk’s) core audience: MPs, journalists, researchers and politically aware members of the public.

Engineering Council: Engineering is Everywhere

The Engineering Council is the UK regulatory body for the engineering profession; setting internationally recognized standards and holding a register of assured professionals. The video sets out the importance of engineering in our everyday lives and encourages professionals to apply to the National Register.

Sustainable Aviation: Cleaner, Quieter, Smarter.

Launched in 2005, Sustainable Aviation brings together the main players from UK aviation industry. The animation sets out their collective and long term strategy to ensure a sustainable future for UK aviation.

Crop Protection Association: Farming Cannot Stand Still

The Crop Protection Association is a key voice of the UK Plant Science Industry. They promote the role of modern plant science in safeguarding our food supply from seed to shelf.
The animation shows how modern farming relies on the innovations plant science provides to maintain biodiversity and wildlife.