Who Do You Think You Are?

Client: Wall to Wall for BBC1

Role: Map Graphics

It’s always a pleasure to work with the good people at Wall to Wall, so I was delighted to be asked to produce animated maps for their flagship show.

The maps are used to illustrate both the journeys taken by the celebrities and the travels of their ancestors. For the modern maps, I created a ‘house style’ based on the distinctive green and blue branding of the series. The ancestors’ maps required a variety of treatments to evoke different historical periods. Some of these I created from scratch, while others are based on archive material.

Title Sequence Pitch

A while ago I was invited to pitch for a refresh of the Who Do You Think You Are? title sequence. The aim was to create an updated look to the titles while maintaining the distinctive brand. My treatment wasn’t used in the end, but it was a great opportunity to experiment with a photomontage look in a 3D environment and I was pleased with the results. The photographic elements were a departure form the previous CGI treatment. My intention was to evoke echoes of the past penetrating into the modern day. The pitch also called for an animated treatment of the family tree graphics.